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"Small Town Physical Therapy with Big Time Results!"


Are you feeling tired?  Does your day begin and end with dealing with pain before normal activities? 

Now's the time to take control of your pain and make a change for the better! We offer professional, compassionate and tailored Physical Therapy services that will suit any age... any lifestyle!  Take back the power!  Stop dealing with pain and begin living!  Explore our site and see what we can do for you!  


"My promise to you... I will provide one-on-one Physical Therapy Services to give you special care and invest in

Your Health!"

Rebecca Klapmeyer, PT

Small Town Physical Therapy

Willow Springs, MO.

Physical Therapy Session
Total Joint Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for total joint replacements with focus to reduce pain, swelling, reduce scar tissue, facilitate ROM and strength to return to activities of daily living and community activities.

Geriatric Strength & Balance

Aging is associated with a progressive decline in overall strength and decreased balance.  As a result of overall decreased lower extremity strength, there is an increased risk of falls and increased chance of being sedentary which can bring on a whole other set of health issues.

Post Surgical Procedures

After a surgery, having a personalized physical therapy plan can help ensure that your body heals properly.  Examples include minimizing scar tissue, reestablishing joint motion and function, and retraining muscles.  Another benefit is a faster recovery time!

Acute/Chronic Back Pain Rehabilitation

For those patients that suffer from acute or chronic low back pain/sciatica and may have received injections, surgical procedures and previous therapy services that were not successful- I can help!



110 Bear Drive

Suite 2

Willow Springs, Missouri 65793


Tel: 417-252-3198

Fax: 855-795-1906

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