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I'm blessed to have helped so many suffering with the

day-to-day pain relating to geriatric, joint rehabilitation, sports injuries and post-surgical procedures. 

Call so we can discuss what I can do for you too!


All information on this website is intended for instruction an informational purposes only. 

The authors are not responsible for any harm or injury that may result.  Significant injury risk is possible if you do not follow due diligence and seek suitable professional advice about your injury. 

No guarantees of specific results are expressly made or implied on this website.

I've always been a go-getter... but as I got older, I began to suffer with back pain everyday to the point of tears!  The best decision I ever made was to have Rebecca help me!  I see her twice a week and no more pain... no more wasted days sitting around!

Mrs. Wanda Myers
Willow Springs, MO.

I had a situation with my back to the point it was either be on a lot of "meds" or do something different.  I couldn't bend over and pick-up things without a lot of pain!  Rebecca is hometown friendly and she diagnosed me quickly...I see her knowing I'm getting natural help.  I like to work on the farm and cut firewood...

I can do that again!

Mr. George Myers
Willow Springs, MO

I have a lot to say about the wonderful things Rebecca does for me!  I am a recovering stroke survivor and I first came to Rebecca about what I thought was a hip problem... she determined it was a back problem!  I was relieved because I thought I was going to have hip surgery.  She focused on my back and now I have a new lease on life!  She also helps me to recover from the damage the stroke did last year.  We always focus on a lot of hand/eye & body movement coordination.  She does more then physical therapy... she's a blessing to me! 

Mrs. Vicki Marsillo
Cabool, MO.

Rebecca is the best there is!  I would suggest that anyone in need of physical therapy absolutely needs to call Rebecca!  It may be called Small Town Physical Therapy but you will get "big time" results!

Mr. Pat Bryan
Springfield, MO.

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